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This is our first post on our blog and I'm happy to finally have this platform up and running - not only to share news and announcements covering our latest but also to post articles highlighting life with our STENDKER Discus and aquascaping projects as well as shedding light on our wonderful customers.

Up until this moment there hasn't been a specialised resource in this region that focuses solely on Discus and nature aquariums, therefore we are venturing into a new exciting territory and what we have accomplished so far is only the beginning.

So what do we have to offer?

Aside from the healthiest German bred Discus which are available in many sizes and colours, we also carry the amazing Tropica range of live aquatic plants which we directly import from Europe and can be delivered to you anywhere in the UAE.

Our website also stocks all your necessities to start and maintain your freshwater aquarium and we continue to work on making your online shopping experience as simple as possible.  Last but not least, the team also offers aquascaping services, maintenance, and we can build our own professional setups.

Stay updated with us by keeping an eye on this page and send us an email through our Contact page if you have any inquiries, we reply fast!


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