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Spotlight: Mr. Thomas

Mr. Thomas, a truly dedicated and serious aquarium hobbyist, specifically wanted Stendker discus for his exciting project and had a very clear vision of what he had in mind for his new 150cm aquarium. It was a true privilege to collaborate with a person that not only shared our passion, but also wanted to support us as a new venture and asked to purchase his entire new set from our shop.

For his exquisite fish, Mr Thomas selected bright Discus strains including a pair of Dark Angels, Checkerboards, Santarems, and a single Fire Red. The tank is entirely dedicated to Stendker discus to avoid introducing unwanted diseases to his vibrant and healthy collection.

The minimal tank and stand were both executed by our team, we were asked to provide a spacious 450 liter ADA-inspired aquarium with a simple and clean white stand for a non-cluttering and elegant appearance.  The aquarium was equipped with our reliable JBL CristalProfi canister filtration and two ProTemp heaters to ensure the temperature remains stable at 30°C.

The aquascape was designed and created by Mr. Thomas himself using Tropica plants, ADA Teras branches, and some smooth edged rocks  he's no stranger to planted aquariums and his previous setup, which he still maintains, is a heavily planted community tank that's been under his care for years and houses a magnificent collection of rare species.

ADA's Amazonia was sparingly used for the planted areas and the rest of the substrate consists of JBL's Sansibar River sand. We strongly advise to thoroughly wash the sand in order to minimize dust, a Discus tank will require regular vacuuming to remove dirt which can affect the clarity of your water if the sand was not properly rinsed prior to use.

The hardscape was artfully designed to leave as much swimming room for the fish making it a suitable planted setup for our Stendker discus. He also went with Light Pro U-P series to provide a balanced lighting solution and it has only been a few days since the plants were introduced, a proper introduction to the scape with updated full pictures will be posted once it has fully grown.

Mr. Thomas was kind enough to share these beautiful photos of his setup which you can browse through by clicking on the small buttons under them. I am delighted to have our fish and plants in this peaceful setup and look forward to seeing it grow!


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