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New Stendker Arrival!

Our new Stendker Discus are now available for purchase online!

On Friday evening we have given our regular showroom visitors and members of the Newsletter the opportunity to visit and pick up their fish before anyone else.

Many of our Adult-sized colors have sold out within 24 hours making this our fastest selling shipment to date! Finally everyone has the chance to order their Discus online with free delivery all across the UAE and you can also visit our showroom to view and select your own fish in person - click here for our location map.

Weekly Discus deliveries to Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman will most likely be scheduled every Saturday and Monday. Please keep that in mind when placing your Discus fish orders.

If you wish to receive early notifications for future shipments to buy our Stendker Discus before they sell out then scroll below to sign up for our Newsletter and you will not miss out on any special announcements! 


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