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Stendker Red Leopards & White Leopards! is pleased to announce 2 new colors from STENDKER available for PRE-ORDER right away!

New Stendker Discus Fish

The two new strains, named White Leopard and Red Leopard for their spotted patterns, were developed due to the immense popularity of the Leopard Snake Skin which was first introduced in 2015 and the demand for more spotted strains. Currently the STENDKER discus family includes a total of 25 distinct color strains, with the Brilliant Turquoise being their first developed bloodline which is still produced and maintained by the hatchery for over 50 years.

Stendker Red Leopard

| Photo: An adult Red Leopard

The new Red Leopard discus features a compact pattern with narrow spaces between its spots which makes the fish appear more red, whereas the White Leopard discus has larger white spaces between its spots making it appear more white.

Stendker White Leopard

| Photo: An adult White Leopard

Both of the German-bred colors will be available in very limited quantities at the size of 10 cm and scheduled to arrive at in October 2018, we currently accept PRE-ORDERS and the larger sizes are currently not available at the Stendker hatchery with no assigned date for them yet.

| Photo: White Leopard in 10 cm

Both of STENDKER's new colors are exclusively available only at with deliveries to United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Contact us to reserve your order before they're sold out and follow our social media on Instagram and Facebook for our daily updates.

| Photo: Red Leopard in 10 cm



► Visit: White Leopard
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► Visit: Red Leopard
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