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Discus Aquarium

Keeping our German Stendker discus fish is easy by simply following a few steps. You can choose the correct items below and begin setting up your new Discus aquarium immediately!

The recommended water volume is 350 liters or more with an efficient filter, air stone, and temperature set at 29-30 celsius. Conditioners are important to provide the ideal water and a sand substrate is a good choice for security and building beneficial bacteria. Stendker's GoodHeart Frozen Food is the best complete diet for your fish for optimum growth and immunity system. Here is our chosen Discus collection which together will allow you to begin your new experience:

Tropica plants are the best choice for our Stendker Discus fish due to their higher durability in higher temperatures and their total safety from transferring unwanted pathogens. Below we have selected the best choices based on our own experience with building and maintaining planted Discus aquariums (click the image to check current availability):

To keep your plants healthy use Tropica's Nutrition Capsules and Premium Fertiliser. As the above selection of plants are hardy species you will not be required to add a CO2 system. It is also advisable to avoid using sharp objects in your layout such as pointy rocks or driftwood which may cause injuries to the Discus. 

Support and guidance is available for customers that purchase our complete sets which our team will also deliver and install FREE of charge. We also ensure that our customers receive all the required information to take care of their new set properly by following our own easy and simple steps which are designed to keep both your fish and yourself happy.

► Important: Compatibility Article (How To Protect Your Fish) 
Click here to download the Stendker Discus Manual