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ISTA Filter Media Pad - Super Carbon

ISTA Filter Media Pad - Super Carbon

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●Specially selected best quality low ash coal. Uses a Hi-tech manufacturing process of grinding, Spraying to pass a strict quality control.
●Even, fine and porous tissue structure assures its powerful chemical absorbing ability.
●Offers excellent chemical filtration ability to assure the safe and clear water quality.
●Chemical & Mechanical Dual stage filtration.
●Absorbs odors, discoloration, and toxins.
●For use in custom sumps/refugiums, hang-on filters, prefilter boxes, and more.
●Professional grade. Quick absorbing action with long term effectiveness.
●It can be cut to fit any size of your filter
●Safe for both freshwater and marine aquaria.

Effectively absorb odor, dislike color and harmful substances to assure ideal water condition.

Measures approximately:
18" x 10" x 0.39" / 45.7 x25.5 x1cm (LxWxH)

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