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Nano Aquariums

Limited with space? Not a problem! You can still enjoy the experience of having a beautiful aquarium which can be as small as you want without compromising style or quality!

A small aquarium can be used to create a Nano planted setup that can house smaller fish species such as tetras and micro-fish as well as the very popular dwarf shrimps! Here is our chosen Nano collection which together will allow you to begin your new experience:

Tropica plants are the best choice for our Stendker Discus fish due to their higher durability in higher temperatures and their total safety from transferring unwanted pathogens. Below are some of our favourite miniature plant choices that are most suitable for a small aquarium (click the image to check current availability):

To keep your plants healthy use Tropica's appropriate fertiliser (suggested in the collection above) and Nutrition Capsules for larger fast growing plants. Adding algae eaters such as Oto catfish and Amano shrimps helps keep your algae under control, both species as well as many more plant-friendly small fish and inverts are always available in our live fish section and you can contact us for special inquiries.

Support and guidance is available for customers that purchase our complete sets which our team will also deliver and install FREE of charge. We also ensure that our customers receive all the required information to take care of their new set properly by following our own easy and simple steps which are designed to keep both your fish and yourself happy.