Aesthetics is a vital part of's métier, coming from a background of art and design combined with our everlasting commitment to study ornamental fish and aquatic plants has allowed us to incorporate every requirement for a successful setup while retaining an eye-catching appearance to add an element of elegance and beauty into any living space. Tank

Our team and professional partners are capable of delivering any custom design and project ranging from Nano aquariums to enormous acrylic tanks, covering a full range of Freshwater and Saltwater solutions at competitive rates.

Beside our amazingly beautiful Stendker discus, is also able to import and provide any aquatic species your project requires, in partnership with international experts we can source and deliver whatever it is you wish for - whether it is a Jellyfish, Stingray, or even a Shark if you insist!


Facing difficulties with your aquarium's maintenance? No problem! Our team has years of experience looking after public and private aquariums including royal residences in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Excelling and learning the skill of ornamental fish keeping has enriched our exclusive team with a wealth of knowledge in maintaining water quality and stabilising the nitrogen cycle using our own non-chemical and natural techniques.

Call us today for a FREE consultation visit, based on your water volume and aquarium content we will offer a custom-tailored service that fully covers your needs whether it's partial assistance or a complete maintenance arrangement.

Aquascaping exclusively works with UAE's elite aquascaper Furqhan Packeerally, a plants enthusiast who's responsible for introducing aquatic tissue culture products into the UAE market and whose amazing skills and talent needs no introduction.

Our partnership with the world's top aquatic-plant producer Tropica in Denmark has also inspired us to set our Aquascaping standards to the highest level in order to meet our clients' expectations.  

If you wish for an underwater garden or a miniature idealised landscape then look no further! Using our Tropica plants and ADA products combined with your preferences and inspirations we will be presenting you with the scape of your dreams! 


Call us today on ( +971502244915 ) or send us an email to schedule a FREE consultation visit to evaluate and discuss your project:

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