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Cholla Wood

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Cholla Wood

Cholla wood is hollow through the center with many holes which provides perfect cover for shrimp to hide. Cholla wood also grows biofilm which is a main food for shrimp. It also releases tannins into the water, same as Alder cones and Indian Almond leaves which are natural products. Cholla wood is a softwood and will eventually break down in the aquarium over time. 

Before adding to the aquarium it should be boiled for 5-10 mins to clean the wood and this process also helps the cholla wood to sink immediately.

Cool the wood before adding it directly to the aquarium. 

Cholla wood can also be added as a food source for plecos that need wood in their diet.

Size: 3" Long and 1/2" Diameter (some are slightly larger and some are slighty smaller in diameter).

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