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EHEIM powerCleaner Algae Scrubber

  • Dhs 349.65
  • (Including VAT)

Take the scrubbing away from cleaning the aquarium glass. Remove calcium stains or use as a Algae Scrubber for spotless results. 


  • exceptionally clean results
  • easy to use
  • as a short, hand-held device for cleaning cross pieces and small stains or with the extension piece for larger areas and deeper aquariums
  • fully submersible
  • cleaning width - 8 cm.
  • with on/off LED light, so that the smallest dirt particles are visible
  • batteries included 


    This battery powered glass scraper allows fast and efficient cleaning of dirty and furred up aquarium glass. Even stubborn stains, like small spots of algae, can be easily removed.


    EHEIM powerCleaner

    EAN 4011708350225
    Article No. 3533000
    UPC (-)
    Packing 4 Part (s)
    Packing dimensions(Width) 15.40 cm
    Packing dimensions(Height) 45.30 cm
    Packing dimensions(Depth) 6.00 cm
    Freshwater yes
    Sea water yes

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