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ISTA UV Sterilizer (55W)

  • Dhs 472.50
  • (Including VAT)

  • One-piece easy to install design
  • The lamp can be rotated by 270 degrees, suitable for installation at any angle.
  • The outer tube is made of blue acrylic which conceals the ultraviolet rays.
  • The base body is made of anti-oxidation anode treatment of aluminum alloy.
  • Using Philips quartz germicidal lamp from Europe.

This product is strictly prohibited from falling into the water
There must be water flow before turning on the lamp

Output power: 55W
Voltage: 110V / 60Hz
Efficiency: 150UV/cm2
Optimal flow: 1800L/H
Size: 96*8*10cm
Applicable water volume: below 4000L

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