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LIYA Aquarium Fish Net (multiple sizes)

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Moving your fish from one tank to another can be frivols task, not anymore with the Liya Fish Net you can scoop the little fishy up in the easiest and safest way. This handy scoop features a mini retractable fish net, will simplify catching small fish and maintenance of fresh, salt, or tropical water fish tanks. The small size of the net is easy to use and reaches every corner to catch the fish or debris and its retractable handle makes it useful for different sizes of aquariums. The stainless steel mesh keeps it tangle-free and durable, and the close knit prevents fish's gills or barbs trapping in the mesh.

Catch Small Fish or Clean Aquarium Easily
Tasks like aquarium maintenance without hurting your pet fish and catching small fish for cleaning the tank, taking an ill, aggressive, or injured fish out is made easy with Liya Fish Net.

Better Range and Reach
The non-slip and easy-grip retractable handle gives the fishnet better reach and range while the small profile makes it easy to reach corners. You can easily use it for aquariums of different sizes whether fresh, salt, or tropical water.

Durable Mesh
The stainless steel construction of the mesh makes Liya Fish Net tangle-free and durable by preventing rusting, ripping or wear and tear. The mesh is closely-knit so that the fish's gills or barbs won't trap in it.



Key Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for catching small fish and aquarium maintenance

  • Serves different-sized aquariums

  • Stainless steel mesh doesn’t rip or rust

  • Close knit of the mesh won’t trap fish’s gills or barbs

Available sizes: 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6.5 inch, 7.5 inch, 8.5 inch, 10 inch

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