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(STENDKER) GoodHeart

(STENDKER) GoodHeart

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STENDKER GoodHeart is a compound feed based on beef-heart mixed with a wide range of rich nutritional content making it a complete diet for both juveniles and adults. Suitable for all kinds of Discus and equally enjoyed by many ornamental fish.

This product has been developed by the STENDKER family and the only feed used at their hatchery for almost 50 years, contains no hormones and made of the highest quality ingredients.

Dosage & Feeding Information:

Feed your fish 3 times daily:
1 x morning (1 hour after the daytime lighting is switched on)
1 x midday (preferably at the same time each day)
1 x evening (2 hours before the daytime lighting is switched off)

The food must be kept frozen and has to be defrosted before each feeding, feeding frozen food directly can cause loss of appetite and inflammation of the air bladder and intestine (Tip: defrost the feed in a plastic container with a well-sealed lid in your fridge the night before feeding, defrosted food can be kept in the fridge for 2-3 days). Do not defrost under running water as that will wash out important vitamins.

Please avoid over-feeding and feed only what the fish can consume within five minutes. Uneaten food will negatively affect water quality and water chemistry values. 

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