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Join our team in the UAE for an opportunity to explore a career that values your passion and skills in a unique work culture fueled by its love for aquatic animals and plants.



Standard of Excellence takes pride in associating itself with the greatest in everything, this includes our potent and powerful team. Achieving immense success and reaching new heights in the field of freshwater aquatics by captivating our customers with a rare standard that is not attainable elsewhere.



Collaborate For Success

Our distinguished high-performance structure was developed with the love of animals and plants at its core, in a productive work environment driven by building awareness to nurture a long-lasting successful experience for everyone involved (including our finned friends). This eminent quality would not be possible without an effective team of equally passionate and tireless individuals that share our goals and dreams.



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To join our diverse and vital team, send your application by writing an email telling us about your qualifications to with your details and CV attached.



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