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The Discus.ae Showroom

Discus.ae Showroom: New Arrivals & Opening Hours


Our main showroom at Defense Road in Abu Dhabi is currently open daily from 10 am to 1 pm, and from 5 pm to 10 pm except on Friday. New arrivals scheduled every Saturday morning for weekend shoppers, subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up to date with upcoming offers.

Designed for easy viewing of our Stendker discus fish and plants, the location provides assistance in helping our customers plan and create their desired concept which compliments their personal requirement in terms of difficulty, maintenance level, and aesthetic.

The showroom also offers an opportunity to learn more about our unique and special Stendker discus fish. Our German discus are social, disease free, and easy to keep following our detailed guidance and customer support.

To stay
connected with our announcements and future public events, be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter where we also send out notification for new arrivals and limited offers - some of which are exclusive only to our subscribers.

Update 04/2020:

Kindly note that the showroom in this article is currently closed and will reopen after the COVID19 pandemic, possibly in a new location.


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