Aquarium Maintenance

Professional Aquarium Maintenance


Our complete services are available for commercial and residential aquariums and terrariums of all shapes and sizes. Being the UAE's leading supplier of hygienic aquatic plants and disease-free fish gives us the privilege of working with a passionate professional team consisting of the most skillful and caring experts who are ready to accomplish anything you need, whether it's installation, designing your dream aquarium, or cleaning an existing tank safely.

For a hassle-free experience with a healthy and clean aquarium that remains presentable at all times, you can schedule regular visits to maintain the best possible conditions at your convenience.  

To book your visit, call or WhatsApp +(971) 58 967 2054 or send an email to

Complete Cleaning

Full aquarium cleaning for aquariums of all sizes in private residences and commercial locations with the option to book regular visits to maintain your tank's optimal conditions.

Our professional team will be handling your equipments and live stocks with safety and perform the task using quality tools and appropriate cleaning methods based on the types and content of your aquarium.

Design & Custom Build

We will help you design your aquarium with the greatest solutions including custom-built aquariums, aquascaping, hardscaping, building terrariums and paludariums, and installing internal and external features for the best aesthetic results to compliment your interior and space.

With our available expertise we will also help you decide on the most suitable layout, fish varieties, and content to meet your needs.

Assembly & Relocation

Our aquarium delivery and installation service is available with assembly of cabinets and equipments for newly purchased units. We also offer moving services to help you shift your tank while handling your live stocks with the utmost care for a safe journey.

Optional cleaning and redesigning is also possible to add with this service which can be arranged with our dedicated team in advance.