Discus.ae (aka Discus Fish Trading) was founded in 2015 by Hamad Al-Suwaidi after a connection with the world-renowned Stendker hatchery in Germany, what started out as a private collection of beautiful Stendker fish has grown to become the very first specialist Discus store in the Middle East!

Located in UAE's capital, Abu Dhabi - our showroom is designed to offer our visitors a pleasant and relaxing experience to select your discus or plan a new aquarium with the assistance of our professional staff.

The exquisite quality of Stendker's German fish makes it necessary for us to equip our store with the finest and most reliable aquarium products, to help our customers establish a complete and long lasting environment for their fish.

As an admirer of Nature Aquariums, it was equally important to take this opportunity and start an outlet that also emphasises on aquatic plants. In collaboration with a professional aquascaper, we carry a wide range of fresh selections from the leading Danish plant producer Tropica,  as well as all required plant care products and tools to serve established enthusiasts with their needed supplies and inspire new hobbyists to venture into the beautiful world of aquascaping.

Our Discus shop also provides a variety of beautiful and harder to source tropical fish, carefully selected based on their adaptability in planted setups and their compatibility with our discus fish. All of our offered community fish are thoroughly quarantined under strict conditions to ensure nothing but healthy stock introduced in our store. 

With the high skill and expertise of our talented partners we have managed to put together a team capable of designing and building custom aquarium setups to meet any individual requirement. Maintenance and aquascaping services are also available for your aquarium at competitive prices - for an inquiry, please contact us by email or call to book an appointment for us to discuss your special project.