Premium Koi in UAE

Premium Koi

We supply and deliver high grade Koi fish in the UAE which are hand selected for our clients by our top and exclusive breeders who specialize in Japanese and high-end bloodlines, giving our customers the ability to see, choose, and receive your healthy koi anywhere in the Emirates with total confidence and convenience.

Actual pictures of previously supplied high quality Koi fish can be seen below. For current list of available stock, contact our representatives to assist you directly along with price and estimated delivery dates upon confirmation.

Koi Fish

Koi Delivery

Unlike other fish species offered at, our high grade Koi fish are delivered straight from the breeding farm directly to you with complete safety. Giving you an easy and secure way to acquire high quality and beautiful fish without the trouble of traveling or searching. We firmly believe that these large and heavy animals should not be removed from their growing environment till they're ready for their new homes. To prevent stressing our Koi, we developed a process that is efficient and simple!

How it works?

Once your enquiry is received, we share with you our list and the breeder would follow by providing images and videos of your selection for you to view your fish before final confirmation. Once confirmed, processing the shipment begins for arrival within two to four weeks where your boxes are immediately delivered to your location without any stops in between - allowing you to receive your highly prized Koi order with minimum exposure to stress.

Koi Bundle Orders

Our Koi breeding partners can also select a group of younger fish at affordable rates for a stunning assortment that range between 20 to 30 cm, allowing our customers to buy a group of high quality fish at an excellent deal, making this the perfect starter choice for owners who are new to Koi keeping or those who wish to expand their collection on a reasonable budget.

You may find below some of the beautiful fish grown by our reputed breeders where thousands of premium high quality Koi are available for you to choose from.


Our Beautiful Koi

On the left, a female Asagi (浅黄) koi fish which extends to 57 cm in length. It is believed that the silver color of this variety symbolizes prosperity and the red accents on its sides represent maternal care. This line of Koi are often available in different sizes and a popular choice in valuable collections.

On the right is a female Doitsu Sanke koi fish, it measures at 52 cm and considered a modern type of an old variety that goes back to over a century. It is distinguished for its smooth body which has no visible scales and very distinct white, red, and black markings.

Finest Bloodlines

On the left, an original Karashi (からし) bloodline that is over 3 years old and measures 73 cm. Bred by the reputed Sakai Farm which has been credited for producing some of the largest specimens of this variety. Sometimes known as the Golden Lion, its unique solid yellow or solid orange coloration and non metallic scales sets it apart from other varieties.

On the right is a young Shiro Utsuri female measuring 48 cm, a color that's been introduced almost 100 years ago. We also offer the Goshiki koi which has more white coverage and equally popular.

Coloration & Markings

On the left, a beautiful male Kujaku koi which measures 47 cm in length. Popular for its metallic scales, this young male has a highly vibrant orange pattern while other Kujaku can have yellow or red in varying shades.

On the right is a closer view of a male Tancho Showa that is 45 cm in length. The Tancho Showa has a single red hi spot on its nose with black pattern on its body, we also offer the Tancho Sanke which is completely white with only the red spot. These are only a few actual examples of many high grade options that were previously supplied.

Koi Fish

Koi Care Products

Find all your Koi food, conditioners, and care products from the most reputable brands at the best prices with free delivery for orders over 100 AED. You may also contact us to subscribe in our monthly delivery service to ensure that you receive your supply on a scheduled basis! Contact us to assist you with your required arrangement.