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Win a Juwel Lido 200!

The exciting Aquatic Design Contest is here! proudly commences the Emirates Aquatic Design Contest (, a competition that has been established with and for serious aquascaping specialists in hopes to bring creative aquarium owners to showcase and recognize their natural creations and win valuable prizes.

For EADC 1.0, the grand prize is a JUWEL Lido 200 and the rules are very simple! Just take a clear photo of your existing freshwater aquarium from the front angle and send it to for a chance to enter and win!

Submissions will be cropped to show only the inside of your aquarium layout, allowing the judges to rank and rate each entry based only on the content of your design. Aquariums can be of any size, with both nano tanks and large set ups encouraged to join.

Accepted layout styles include all types of planted aquascapes, biotopes, hardscapes, and paludariums. It is also advised to remove devices such as heaters and filters keeping only your lighting unit prior to taking the picture, doing so would allow our judges to focus solely on your design.

We look forward to receiving your entries! We also take this opportunity to express our gratitude for having JUWEL as part of our first competition.

Visit for more information.



Posted by shahil on

good prodects

Posted by yousef abdulla on

I would like to win the JWUEL lido 200, please!!!! and I have paid hundreds of dirhams on fish equipment.

Posted by Karim Darwish on

Great initiative!

Posted by Jay Lim on

Great I am sending my aquascape.

Posted by Ahmed Mulla on

I would like to join please!!! I sent my aquarium photo to the email address hope I have a chance to win

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