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ISTA 3-in-1 Smart Maintainer Aquarium Cleaning Set

  • Dhs 47.25
  • (Including VAT)

Smart Maintainer Cleaning Set includes everything you need to keep your aquarium spic and span. It comes with a plastic scraper, rubber scraper, scrubber and two extending rods. The scrubber features a swiveling head to help your reach into all sides of the aquarium, while the plastic scraper is used to remove algae and calcium carbonate residue that tend to grow on the interior surface of the aquarium. The rubber scraper, on the other hand, is ideal for removing smudges and water stains on the exterior surface of the aquarium. Each piece is specifically made to float, so that you won't have to reach into the aquarium in case you drop your cleaning tool. The set also features a non-slip grip that facilitate comfortable handling.

Key Features & Benefits

  • All pieces re designed to float in water

  • Scrubber has swiveling head to help clean all sides of the aquarium

  • Plastic scraper is ideal for removing algae & calcium carbonate residue

  • Rubber scraper removes smudges & water stains on the exterior of aquarium

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