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( Tropical Fish ) Corydoras Sterbai

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Corydoras Sterbai

Very peaceful community fish which is best kept in groups of 5-6 or more. As with most Corydoras, these fish will eat most food which sinks to the bottom of the tank and great for clearing leftover food in Discus aquariums.

Requires a sand or small gravel substrate and prefers a planted tank. Keeping a cory on sharp or large gravel can lead to damage to their barbels, which when infected will make it hard for the cory to find food. Corys are sensitive to salt, as with other scaleless fish, adding salt to the tank will cause them harm.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Deliveries of small and delicate species such as this variety can be risky, in case of death on arrival we can only offer store credit - a replacement delivery cannot be guaranteed. Death of fish after being added to an aquarium cannot be replaced or refunded.

  • Many fish species can lose color and appear pale due to the stress of transport, it can take days or weeks for their natural color to recover depending on the environment and care provided by the owner.

  • Fish acclimation to a new aquarium is the sole responsibility of the buyer and not the delivery team.

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