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Event: Jameel Arts Centre

The tent at the 'Down To Earth' Green Bazaar, a bright beautiful day at the Jameel Arts Centre on Dubai Creek.


We were honored to be invited by Dubai’s contemporary art museum, Jameel Arts Centre, to take part in the 'Down to Earth' event where gardens meet art, which took place on December 12, 2020 for a single day.

Jameel Art's new annual event celebrates all things green with the UAE’s growing community of gardeners, enthusiasts, the eco-conscious and sustainability-aware⁠.


Physically distanced, free entry with limited capacity, 'Down to Earth' is a first-of-its-kind event featuring an accessible range of entertaining, educational activities for all ages, including a green bazaar, plant market, workshops, demos, talks and giveaways — all taking place outdoors in the Jameel's gardens and Sculpture Park.⁠

Architect and aquascaper Mr. Huzefa Goga of LookBeyond360 participated in our ‘Down to Earth’ event and provided our visitors an aquascaping demonstration class. The event also debuted the first world view of Stendker's newest color strain, the Albino Snow and Fire Leopards which gave visitors a close glimpse of our beautiful fish.

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