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Twinstar: The Next Level

Twinstar: Perfect Performance & Durability

Innovative high-end equipment promoting plant growth and fish health including RGB LED lights, algae inhibitors, disease sterilizers, CO2 and oxygen diffusers, and more. Finally available everywhere in the United Arab Emirates through our outlet and direct delivery.

The Twinstar system is 
renowned for becoming a standout in the industry in terms of light innovation and sterilizing technology with acknowledgement and collaborative support from leading brands such as Tropica, who have used Twinstar's lighting system to display their plants and designs at the 2018 Interzoo exhibition in Germany, along with high recommendations from top aquascapers around the world acknowledging Twinstar's superb performance and efficiency.

In direct cooperation with Twinstar's headquarters, is ecstatic to supply the region with their latest collection of lights, sterilizers, and accessories which perfectly compliment our disease free animals and broad range of aquatic plants.

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