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Stendker: Limited Availability

The Stendker discus fish is now limited till the end of 2022, with final pre-orders available only for a short time.

Our beloved Stendker partners in Germany have announced their plans to shut down their breeding hatchery at the end of 2022 due to the constant rise of energy costs which makes production of their live stocks no longer possible, this difficult decision comes after 60 years of developing domesticated and robust animals which we had the great pleasure of supplying and dealing with in the region since 2015.

Hobbyists in the UAE will still have the opportunity to submit your final Stendker pre-orders during this period, however late orders may not be accepted due to limited stocks.

This also affects our current 10+1 Stendker deal which will be ending soon. The deal allows you to Pre-Order 11 juveniles for the price of 10 with additional discount on our special diet for 3 months. Including the option to "Buy now and pay later" with split payments at no extra cost.  

The Stendker GoodHeart (frozen beefheart mix) and Original Stendker Granulat (dry granules) will remain in production and continue to be available through our services for all our loyal customers without interruption. is proud of the wonderful things this partnership has accomplished since our launch in 2015 and we'll continue to do everything possible to enrich the hobby with beautiful animals in the future. We thank Diskuszucht Stendker for entrusting us throughout all these years and for helping us change the dynamic of freshwater fish keeping in the UAE, it wouldn't have been possible without their continued trust and support.

To take advantage of Stendker's limited availability contact us to assist you while stocks are still available, complete aquarium installation and maintenance services are also possible to schedule and will remain operational in the future to all our customers anywhere in the UAE .


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