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New: Stendker Pellets!

The highly-demanded dry Stendker granules diet is finally here and will be launched at this April in limited supply.

Since introduction of our Stendker discus fish in the UAE and Gulf region, the most frequently asked question has been the possibility of feeding these beautiful fish a convenient dry diet such as flakes or pellets, to which our answer has always warned against it due to the digestive risks associated with dry food. But we're happy to report that this is about to change!

To meet the increasing demand from Stendker fish owners to provide these beautiful aquatic animals with a sufficient dry alternative, the Stendker hatchery has finally developed a new highly nutritious formula that can safely be used with confidence. Below is a statement  from our Stendker partners which sheds more light on their latest development:

"Until now we have always advised against feeding our Stendker discus fish with granules, as in our experience there were no granules on the market suitable good enough for our Stendker-discus fish.

After more than 10 years of research and development, we have finally succeeded in developing a high-quality granulate that is well tolerated by our fish and full of content. We are pleased to be able to present our "Original Stendker granulate" to you.

For more than a year we have been feeding 2 meals a day in our breeding farm.
"Stendker-Good Heart" and one meal of our newly developed "Original-Stendker-Granulate". We also recommend this feeding method for the pet trade, as well as for private discus keeping.

We have developed our granulate to make feeding our Stendker discus fish easier, as our dry food can also be fed via the automatic feeder, no refrigerator or freezer is required and it is easy to handle.

Our "Original Stendker granulate" can also be fed as a complete food and is not only suitable for discus fish, but also for most other aquarium inhabitants.

When developing our food, we paid special attention to good tolerance, high nutritional value and the highest quality of ingredients. For these reasons, we have also used probiotic ingredients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and many other valuable ingredients to ensure the continued optimal growth and health of our STENDKER discus fish."

Our customers are now able to contact us directly to reserve this product which is scheduled to become available in mid-late April 2022.



Posted by Anna on

My fish are waiting for it! I booked at the shop yesterday and picked the autofeeder

Posted by Ismail Hassan on

How can I reserve? I want to order

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