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Stendker's German Wonder!

We're pleased to announce a new color from Diskuszucht Stendker which will be available for order right away! A strain with an abstract appearance which brings forward the bluest blue base and highest contrast pattern.



The beautiful new strain, perfectly named the German Wonder, is an exciting addition to the STENDKER discus family making it their 23rd color following the Leopard Snake Skin which was officially introduced back in 2015.



We were privileged to get a preview of the German Wonder from our Stendker family to display their latest in our showroom back in April to celebrate our Dealer Certificate and to give our visitors a first viewing of Stendker's latest offering!

Its unique bright baby blue body against the intense red pattern makes this strain a stunning addition which blends beautifully with both classic strains such as the Turquoise colors and the modern strains such as the Pigeon Bloods and Snake Skins!



The German Wonder is currently available for pre-order through our website and will be arriving at our facility during the month of August. Placing a pre-order allows you to be sure that your fish will be reserved and delivered to you upon availability.

► Visit: German Wonder
Click here to pre-order



Posted by Bill hankins on

Just got 3 today along with 3 red snakeskin from He Hansdiscus USA. Very excited to see them grow. 10 minutes after going into the tank, they were eating

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