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A Stendker Corner

Perfect Blend Of Art & Science

There are display aquariums which exist with the purpose of adding a pleasing element to our interior and then there are practical aquariums which are created specifically to fulfill the animal's needs, it's an ideal situation when a serious hobbyist can accomplish the best of both worlds and the set we highlight in this article makes a great example.

Located in Abu Dhabi and created by owner Mr. Pawel Grzegrzolka, an avid enthusiast and discus lover whose goal was to create a large enclosure that can comfortably house a growing collection of Stendker discus while maintaining ideal conditions that follows the required parameters for optimum results.

It's worth mentioning that the parameters needed to grow Stendker's German bred discus fish differs greatly compared to other discus fish which are wild caught from the Amazon basin or bred in Asian breeding farms. The Stendker discus has been slowly modified over decades of selective breeding to thrive in German tap water which demands a unique set of rules to replicate in the United Arab Emirates, by which Mr. Grzegrzolka has excelled at and provided successfully. 

Starting with a collection of the smallest discus size available in our range, the fish have quickly grown beautifully with breath-taking results. Here's what Mr. Grzegrzolka shares on his collection and impressive enclosure:

"The aquarium occupies a space in our living room - it is like a moving picture, helping us to unwind after a long day. That is why my main goal in setting up the tank was to create a calm and relaxing ambience. For me personally fishkeeping is a perfect blend of art and science. You need some dose of creativity to make all the elements in the tank match together, while it also takes a heap of scientific knowledge to ensure the well-being and proper living conditions for all the creatures inside the tank. It is like creating a micro-universe in its own right."

He continued to add more on the technical data of his installation: "My tank’s capacity is 714 liters (170x70x60). It is a home to 15 discus still in a growing phase, currently between 9 and 12 cm long. I have hand-picked the colors so as to achieve a nice visual effect. My main school of fish is accompanied by a pair of Apistogramma, 30 black neon tetras, 5 corydoras and 3 Siamese Algae Eaters, along with some shrimps. Such a combination of species of various sizes, colors and behaviors makes the tank catch the eye from every angle."

We thank Mr. Grzegrzolka and his family for sharing their aquarium with our readers, an outstanding set which will continue to evolve and flourish under his excellent level of care and attention to detail.

To learn more on our Stendker discus fish, click here to find out where they're bred and how they've made their way into the UAE.



Posted by abdulla majeed on

wow !! beauty

Posted by Sam on

Nice set up. Which filter is used for it?

Posted by Nour Saeed on

Is this co2 or soil for this tank? Which plant is on the back side? It is a very nice view and very healthy fishes thank you for sharing it.

Posted by Joseph Richardson on

Fantastic tank and fish.

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