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New: Stendker Green Angel

We're pleased to announce the brand new color from Diskuszucht Stendker, available for pre-order today.

The latest color, named Green Angel
is a close relative of the popular Dark Angel which was first introduced in 2010 and famously known for it's unique blend of blue shade and dusty pink base with orange mouth. However the new variation stands out for its iridescent green instead of blue, which changes intensity depending on the reflections of light.

Currently the STENDKER discus family includes a total of 30 distinct color strains, starting with the Brilliant Turquoise which has continued to protect the bloodline in the hatchery for over 50 years.

Our customers are now able to contact us and reserve the Green Angel which is scheduled to become available in June 2021 and likely to reach the UAE in July. 


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